Ghosn fled Japan after a security firm hired by Nissan stopped surveillance

Ghosn fled Japan after a security firm hired by Nissan stopped surveillance

Ousted Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn moved out if his Tokyo residence after Nissan Motor Co hired private security firm stopped monitoring him.  Ghosn revealed that he had fled to Lebanon to escape to what he referred was a “rigged” justice system in Japan, the country where he allegedly faces financial criminal charges.

Three different sources confirmed that a private security company was hired by Nissan to continuously watch Ghosn who was on bail and was awaiting trial. The security company was told to keep tabs on whether he met with anyone who was involved in the case or not.

Ghosn’s lawyers warned the security company and asked them to stop watching him as it would be a violation of his human rights and if they continue, they will file a complaint against the whole company. Later on 29th December, the security company stopped the surveillance. While Junichiro Hironaka, one of his lawyers also told the press in November that they have been considering to take some steps to prevent people from stalking Ghosn, Nissan spokesperson declined to pass any sort of comment.

NHK, Japanese public broadcaster, cited the investigative sources and said that the surveillance camera that was installed on Ghosn’s house by the authorities have recorded him leaving the house around noon on Sunday following which he never returned.

One of the sources also mentioned how unclear it is that Ghosn, who has Lebanese, Brazillian, and French citizenship was able to orchestrate his departure from Japan. What’s even more shocking is that he entered Lebanon legally on his French Passport.

On Friday, A Turkish Private Jet operator mentioned that Ghosn used two different planes to illegally escape from Japan with the help of an employee falsifying lease records and excluding his name from the documents.

Ghosn has said that he will speak publically about his escape on 8th Jan.

In his blog, on Saturday, Takashi Takano, another one of Ghosn’s lawyer mentioned that he felt infuriated and betrayed when he found out that Ghosn has escaped from Japan.

He wrote, “I was betrayed. But it is not Carlos Ghosn who betrayed me.”

He also mentioned that Ghosn was not allowed to have any sort of communication with his wife Carole without prior permission and the ex-Nissan boss was also very concerned about his chances of getting a fair trial.

Takano also wrote that on 24th December, Ghosn and his wife connected for a one-hour video call with his lawyer present. During this call, they talked about the children, relatives, as well as friends, he said. He also mentioned how he thinks a few people would have been able to escape as Ghosn did only if they had the contacts and means.

Ghosn was first arrested in Tokyo in November after his private jet touched down the airport. He is charged with four different cases, all of which he denies including hiding income and enriching himself through payments to the dealership in the Middle East.

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